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Website & Branding Design in Malmesbury, Wiltshire

Hello and Welcome to Woof Designs

by | 22 Apr 2020

We are absolutely over the moon to be able to bring our idea to life and that is to be able to help small businesses create beautiful websites, branding and stationery designs. We believe that no matter how small your business is you deserve the right to be seen in the digital world and found by your Customers and Clients. Let’s together help to increase your visibility and in turn leads.

So a little bit about our background! Woof Designs was born out of an idea I had whilst working with a wedding cake supplier as a Photographer. Sarah from Cakes by Mrs F and I were talking one day about a blog I was writing for her and wanted to integrate her website link into the blog. We both agreed that her little cake business website needed some love, it actually needed Sarah’s personality injecting into it. Her then website didn’t show her smiley, sunny, talented warm personality. It didn’t tell her clients that she was a home baker and how talented she was. Nor did it show her beautiful cakes in abundance or a way for her clients to get in touch. Needless to say, it does now!

Whilst chatting about the blog, Sarah asked me to write a new website for her, she asked me to create something simple and pretty, a digital face where her clients could see her work and get in touch. I was in my element designing a brand new sparkly website for her, a platform found by the wondrous Google and presented to all her potential wedding clients to be. We set to and came up with the name Woof Designs. Our dog Ted had a lot to do with the name of course, I was at a bit of a loss what to call it but I have to say, I love it now. Sarah’s Cakes by Mrs F website was created and is now out there for the world to see. We at Woof Designs were so chuffed when Sarah told me she had taken a booking from the website after only 4 hours of it being live! Not bad going eh 🙂

The vision we have for Woof Designs is to help small businesses realise their digital potential. We will create beautiful websites with stand out branding to be noticed, branding that is consistent across all parts of the business. I’m talking website, business cards, leaflets, everything. Branding is so important to a business, it is the beating heart and professional front door. We also offer a health check service if you have a website that you love but feel it’s just not working hard enough for you! Above all though, we provide a friendly, flexible and helpful approach, we understand that you don’t want to be faced with lots of technical jargon or have to go and research how Google works, that’s our job.

If you have a question or want to chat with us about the vision for your business no matter how small, just pick up the phone or drop us a line. Two heads are better than one when it comes to thinking through and making important decisions for your business. When it comes to the cost, we are more than happy to break payments down into instalments, after all, money is hard to come by these days, we just want to make it easier and less of a worry for you.

Over the coming months I will be writing a few more blog posts for you to have a think about. I want to reach out to those small businesses out there that don’t have a brand and don’t really understand what it is. There is never any such thing as a silly question when it comes to business, so ask away, we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Lets get you found by clients and give your competitors a run for their money!

Take care and we hope to meet you some day soon.

Sally & Chief Woof!