Website Health Checks

Do you currently have a web presence that isn’t working as hard as you do?  Are you not being found by potential clients and getting enquiries or sales?

The main reason for having a website or e-Commerce shop front is to attract customers to your business and sell your services or products, essentially it should be earning you money.  If your digital presence is not optimised to be found by Google then your business will end up being a brilliantly kept secret.

This is where we can help you by using our digital expertise to investigate the health of your website.  In other words, we will manually work through the makeup of your website to understand everything about it.

After we have completed all our fact finding, we will provide you with a report detailing the areas, we think could be improved.  You can then decide if you would like Woof Designs to address the issues for you or if you would like to do them yourself.  Either way you’ll now be on the right track!

Every client we work with is different in so many ways which is why we don’t advertise set charges on our website.  If you would like to know more why not get in touch for a FREE 30 minute chat to see how we can help out.

Let us take a look?

These are just a few areas our comprehensive Health Check will delve into.


Is your website hosted with a provider in the same country as your business?  Are they giving you value for money and a quick service.  Is the website backed up and highly available.

During our Health Check we will look at network speed and time to render on a screen.  This section usually makes for quite interesting reading!

Google Analytics

Without Google knowing about your business then your customers aren’t going to find you.  When we perform a website Health Check we look at how Google is indexing and ranking your business.  How does your website perform against your competitors for example.  We will provide suggestions for improvement as part of our report.   


It used to be that keywords were very important for your website to be indexed in Google searches but, not anymore.  The way you write the copy on your website, the words you use, is where the magic happens.  Google want to see that your website reads as humanly as possible and not stuffed with keywords.  Our Health Check will look at how your copy flows and if it is really honed to your audience.  Something we will work with you on and come up with suggestions.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

This is all the wording on your website.  It has to be focussed and not spammy!  As part of the Health Check we will look at all the words on your website, determine if they are hitting the spot or fall short of the mark and come up with suggestions.  SEO is basically the part that your clients will search for you with. 


Is your website image heavy?  Have you sized them properly and can they be viewed on a mobile device?  Just another area we look and include in our report for you.

If you are a photographer for instance and your website is slow to load on a mobile or even a desktop, your client’s will not stay long, they get bored and move onto to book someone else.  As part of the Health Check we identify file sizes and load to be addressed.

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