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My aim is to ensure your website design and development experience with me, is smooth and just how you’d expect.  Your time is precious so let me do this work for you.  I will remove any technical headaches that can be associated with creating your own website.  In fact, all I want you to do is tell me about your business vision.  I’m sure you have ideas for how you want your website to look. You may have already thought about colours, fonts and your logo design.  That’s a great start, let’s chat it through.

Together we can talk about how you’d like your customer experience to feel and look.  How will your business service or product stick in their minds?

Its my mission at Woof Designs to make your experience as smooth as possible.  I really want you to feel proud of your website and share it wherever you can. If you don’t feel like this, I’ve not listened.  Rushing you isn’t an option not are silly timeframes.  Perfection takes time!

You have my undivided attention to produce a sleek, responsive website that you will feel proud to shout about.  It will look amazing on mobiles, tables and desktops.

It doesn’t stop there either, after you go live I’m here for support and updates.  If you want me to look after your website I can do that too.  I’ll keep it up to date and running smoothly, you won’t need to worry about software updates.

This is how we work together….

Meet-up, chat and plan

Design work starts

photography & logo design

reveal, share for thoughts

final touches and tweaks

Website is live

Be different – Be unique – Stand out

Business Photography is important

Photography is often forgotten about but it’s crucial to get this right.  Lovely, clear images sized correctly to ensure a fast load.  They make your website look amazing and add to the unique appeal.

The professional photography service I provide is part of your contract, if you don’t already have a photographer that is!  From profile pictures to product shots they need to be on your website for the world to see.

Want to read about my business photography service, here are some examples.

Own or Support your own

Would you like to support your own website or does that idea leave you cold!  I absolutely understand that many people hate the idea of updating and keeping an eye on the technical side.  Never fear, that’s why I’m here….!

When your new website is live and out there being served, I will keep it up to date for you for a monthly fee (charged annually).  I log into your website and update software, plugins and the design software. 

No fluff, just honesty!

I don’t believe in hidden agendas or small print.  What you see is what you get with me.  Your contract will be clear and delivered to you the old fashioned way, by post and email of course!  All approved up front by you and never any costs added without your prior knowledge or consent.  Everything is presented clearly in black and white here at Woof Designs (with a bit of pink!).  I want you to feel like you can trust me and be able to ask me just about anything!

Show your business to the world

Ever thought how fantastic it would be to showcase your business to the WORLD through a well thought out, fully branded, website? Show your customers what your business offers.  Stand proud of your business and show it off.  That’s my aim for you too, we shout about it together!

Be proud of your branding

Here at Woof Designs a fully branded website will be created just for your business. From your logo to your fonts and copy, everything about your business will look and feel cohesive and connected. Your clients will know who you are and want to do business with you.  Every client will research you in several places before doing business with you.  They will get to recognise your consistant brand, you will stand out.

Google will know about you

Your website will be configured for Google to search and track. In other words, when your client goes looking for you through a Google search, they will find you.  You will be listed with Google Maps, Google Analytics and Google Search Console.  You will be able to gather Google Reviews which help with your ranking in searches and build confidence in your clients.

Created from scratch

No templates are used here! Every website is created just for your business. Every website is unique with its own brand personality, look and feel.

Every website is created using WordPress with Elegant Themes Divi Designer.  Whilst lots and lots of templates are available to use, I choose to create a unique look for your business every time.

No matter how big or small your website is, your clients will know you mean business.

Hosting, sorted

There’s no need to worry about hosting either, I’ve got you covered.  As part of my service I’ll set all this up for you.  You will have your own account with a UK hosting provider which will be managed for you.  Siteground is our provider of choice for hosting who are reliable, fast and secure.  They use Google Cloud servers which means they are located with Google Search, Google Console and Google Business Profile and above all they are FAST!

You won’t need to worry about what to do, where it is or how to look after it, unless you want to that is!  Together will talk about this when we first meet.  This is all part of my service to you.

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