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What to expect from Woof!

My aim at Woof Designs is to make your website experience smooth and stress-free.  I will get to know your business, ask lots of questions and talk about the ideas you have, I can then get to work on your website design handling all the technical details along the way. Whether it’s your brand colors or logo design, let’s chat to create a website you’ll be proud to share.

You’ll have my full attention as I craft a sleek, responsive website that you’ll be excited to showcase. It will be optimized for viewing on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops alike.

I take the time to understand your needs, ensuring your website reflects your brand perfectly. As soon as the website is live, support doesn’t end there, I can provide ongoing support and updates.  If you want to take the reins, that’s good too, full training will be provided.

If you’d like more before making a commitment, don’t hesitate to ask questions. There’s no such thing as a silly one, so let’s chat and address any concerns you may have.


Chatting about your business, your ideas and vision is important.  I’d like to get to know you a little which helps me build the right brand and website.



Putting all the detail together, I get to work on your brand and website design and flow. I’ll also take care of all the technical setup.  We will chat along the way too!



The design is ready to share with you, your family and friends.  Share with me final changes before it can go live.



Congratulations, your website is now live and can be seen by everyone.

It’s time to start spreading the word and driving clients to see your fabulous brand.

WHY Woof Designs?

No fluff, just honesty

Transparency is key at Woof Designs – no hidden agendas or small print here. Your contract will be crystal clear, approved upfront by you, and no costs will be added without your consent.

Very importantly, your website is owned by you!  This is very important.

I want you to feel confident in your choice of website designer, knowing you can trust me and ask me anything is important.

Feel proud of your Website

I want you to feel proud of your website when it goes live.  Every time you talk about your business, your website will be the first point of contact for your customers and their experience using it is important.

Your customers won’t have to wait for your website to load, or have to squint at a mobile screen to see the text!  Every website is scaled accordingly per device; it will look professional whichever screen it’s viewed on.

Your brand

From your logo to your fonts, copy to your images, everything about your business will look and feel cohesive and connected.

Your clients will recognise your business brand and know you are proffesional.  Every client will research you in several places before doing business with you.  They will get to recognise your consistant brand, you will stand out.

Created from scratch

No templates, no cookie-cutter designs – each website at Woof Designs is tailor-made for your business. I believe in crafting unique sites with their own brand personality, ensuring every client gets a bespoke look and feel.

Whether your site is large or small, I ensure it reflects your brand showing your professionalism and business personality.


Photography often gets overlooked, yet it’s vital for success. Clear, properly sized images not only enhance your site’s appearance but also ensure fast loading times. They’re a personal touch that elevates your brand.

With Woof Designs, professional photography is included in your contract. Whether you have existing images or need new ones, we’ll showcase your brand beautifully, from profile pics to product shots. Let’s make your website stand out together.


Every website is connected to Google for analytics, searches and your business profile.  If you have  social media account(s), affiliations with other businesses, appear in listings, they will be connected to your website too.

All external connections matter, providing organic visibility will may enhance your ranking in online searches.

Website support

Would you prefer to manage your website, or does the thought leave you cold? Many people dread the technical upkeep, but fear not – that’s where I come in!

Once your website is live, I’ll handle everything from updating plugins to checking for errors. I ensure your site looks its best for your clients.

My support service is available yearly and can be canceled anytime. Interested in learning more? Feel free to get in touch!

Website hosting

Hosting is one less thing for you to worry about. I’ll take care of setting it up for you, ensuring you have your own account with a reputable UK hosting provider.  To be clear, your website hosting account is yours, not owned by Woof Designs.  Our preferred choice is Siteground for their reliability, speed, and security.

You can rest assured knowing your hosting is managed for you. Unless you prefer otherwise, you won’t need to worry about its maintenance or management. We’ll discuss this further during our initial meeting. Consider it all part of the service!

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