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Ever thought how fantastic it would be to showcase your business to the WORLD through a well thought out, fully branded, website? Show your customers what your business can offer through a digital shop window.  Whether you’re offering a service or a product, you need to attract and entice your customers into your business.

Here at Woof Designs we will create a branded website for your business. It will be configured for Google to search and track.  Right from the start, we will discuss your expectations, timeline, branding and of course costs.  The entire process of creating a website is taken very seriously in that we understand the importance of getting it right both visually and technically.

No templates are used here! Every website is created just for your business, every website is unique with its own personality, look and feel and branding.  From a simple one page website to an online e-commerce website, we can design and create a slick, user friendly, fully branded site for you and your business.

With your brand being at the very heart of your website design, we also provide a professional photography service to capture your story, the personality of your business and of course you.  Clear,  high quality images look fantastic and create a look and feel for your clients to really understand what you are offering.

All new websites include hosting with UK providers such as Amazon Web Services who provide fast resilient high availability servers.

If you’d like to know more and are keen to put your business on Google’s map, why not Get In Touch.  Lets chat about how we can help your business be found and stop being the best kept secret!

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The Website Design Process

Step One

Step One is all about discovery. We can meet face to face which could be a video call or at a coffee shop with a cuppa and piece of cake!  We’ll talk  about your business and what you would like to achieve with your website.  Branding will come up A LOT!  This is the personality of your business.

We will gather all the information and ideas we need to get started and document everything into a branding guideliness document to use throughout the process.  This is of course not your only chance to discuss ideas with us, we are available anytime you would like to speak with us.

Step Two

Now the really exciting, magical bit begins!  With all your ideas, colours, fonts and branding we will put together a COMING SOON! page to engage your customers, even gather email addresses from it to encourage people to connect.

Then, a Wireframe for your website is put together.  This is a design palette which is essentially a picture of what your website is going to look like. It’s so much easier to discuss how your website is going to look when you can see it visually isn’t it?  Then, take a few days to sleep on the design just to be sure it’s right for your business.  We sign off your design and get cracking!

Step Three

There may be a few essential admin points to take care of before we start to put your slick website design into action.  We will need details such as your business domain name, email address and social media id’s, all of which we can do for you, but if you’ve already sorted that out, brilliant.  We do need all these details though before we can get started!

Wahoo, now we have all our ducks in a row we can get cracking on bringing your dream website to life.  As we work through the design we will be in touch to show what we’ve done so far, that is once we have something cool to show you.

Step Four

Throughout the creation of your brand new business website we will ensure your Google Analytics, Search Console and Tags (if required) and that all important SEO are integrated within the design.  This is where your website will be indexed by Google and found by your clients when they are looking for particular search criteria.

Your website will have words in it that act as keywords to be picked up in searches.  The devil is in the content here, words found on your pages, the way you speak to your clients through your website words.  SEO is key to your website being found but we know all about this so can guide you with the words!  We can work on this together to ensure your website has highly optimised content wording.

Step Five

Your fabulous new website is now at a point for you to see.  Getting together over a video link or a good ole fashioned face to face with a cuppa!  You will see your website for real, all ready to go LIVE and looking totally on brand and marvellous.  We will walk through it together, figure out if any minor changes need to happen and agree a GO LIVE date!

Once you are completely happy and are ready to show the world your new fully branded, SEO’d, streamlined and gorgeous business website we just need to get you to sign off the design and get it live.  Good eh?  Very exciting for you and your business. 

Step Six

Go wild with advertising!  Yep, you now need to tell everyone, your friends, family, business links, social media, EVERYONE about your new site.  The more people that link to it, visit it, use it the better.  Google loves visitors so lets encourage people to make your business a household name!

Over the next few months we can keep an eye on your Google Analytics and see what’s happening and if it needs a little tweak!  You can keep metrics to see who is booking you or buying your product that have come to you through your website.  This is important stuff and very very useful. 

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