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Is Your Business Omnichannel Ready?

by | 31 May 2020

What is Omnichannel?

For those of you who are sitting there asking this question, the answer is simple, it’s being everywhere your client is and providing a consistent brand experience.  In other words, your client needs to be able to find and engage with you not just in a physical location but also in the digital realm.

Being able to provide your customers with a seamless, smooth (frictionless) end to end experience is where you will differentiate from your competitors – providing increased customer satisfaction[1], benefitting from improved customer retention[2] and digital revenue potential[3] – 2019 saw online retail grow to 19.3% market share (up 8.2% YoY).  Take a look at this article [4] , a really interesting read in the Retail Gazette talking about going digital during lockdown, Snag certainly know their brand and what their customers want.

So, where are your customers? 

Over the last few months our options as consumers have almost exclusively been limited to digital channels, browsing and purchasing online through phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.  This crisis has led to development of new customer-business relationships through digital channels, hopefully with your business but perhaps with your rivals.

Ask yourself… ‘have my clients who would normally walk through my physical shop door to purchase product now gone elsewhere because our shop was closed?’.

Having more than one selling channel is about being in front of your client at all touch points.  Your clients want to be able to find you online and receive the same fantastic service as they would have in the shop.  They want to be able to see the same wonderful products, be able to place an order and receive it without any issues… frictionless.  Can you do this for them?

Will things revert to the way they were? 

Perhaps but for many in the population after 60+ days new ways of doing things become sticky, especially if they introduce tangible benefits such as convenience.  They then become the new normal.  For retail this is likely to see another spike in the percentage of sales made through digital channels.

We are not saying that it’s the end of bricks and mortar stores, or that the it’s the end of independent retailers.  Far from it, it’s a vital differentiator yet with customers potentially travelling less frequently it will be an expectation that the in-store experience and engagement is replicated online.


If the Coronavirus pandemic has left you wondering how to get your business a digital presence and spread your wings or learn how to connect your customers touch points then we can help. Give us a call to discuss how we can help you, it’s just a chat and no pressure sales here, we want to help you.

The Team at Woof Designs

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