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Frequently Asked Questions

In our opinion there is no such thing as a silly question.  This is why we have put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you with anything you might like to ask.  If we’ve not covered it here, please feel free to ask.  We’re a friendly bunch and love to help out where we can.  Just drop us an email through our contact form below or just give us a call.

If you want us to publish a question you feel is important and will help other business owners, that’s good too.  Just let us know and we will be sure to oblige.

Why do I need a website

This is a very good question and a very important one!  Business aside, I would encourage anyone wishing to engage with a Client or Customer to have a digital shop window.  In today’s technical age, when your client is sitting at home with a cuppa, looking for a service or product on the internet, you need to be there with your website giving them the best user experience, a taste of your professionalism and great customer service.

Why not jump over to our Website Design page to learn more about how we can help you.

Will my website be found by Google?

Yes is the short answer to that!  Every website that Woof Designs creates is linked to Google My Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console and sometimes Google Tag Manager (if you have an e-commerce site.). There is absolutely no point (in our humble opinion) in having a lovely website that really shows your business in its best light to not be served to your clients.  You would be the best kept secret out there!  Remember Google is your friend so lets get your busines seen and out there!

I already have a website but I don't love it

At Woof Designs we have worked with clients who have told us just this.  Their website isn’t working as hard as they are or, it’s not configured to be found by Google.  The look and feel of my website isn’t current anymore or quite simply, I don’t know how to edit it.

In short, we can help you with all of these things.  Woof Designs can work through an indepth audit and report back to you with our findings.  You can find out more about this service on our Optimise page.

I have a logo, that's my brand right?

No, but it’s a really good start.  A logo is essentially your brand identity that people will see and recognise.  However!  Your brand is the personality of the business and this is what needs to be honed and created carefully.  Woof Designs can do this for you, together we can work on the characteristics of the business that you want people to see, recognise and associate with a business they want to work with and trust.

To find out how we can help you just contact us to discuss your thoughts and ideas.

Can you print my leaflets?

Unfortunately not yet!  We do work with a number of super talented printers both locally and online who produce high quality prints from designs we at Woof have created for you.  Just let us know what you would like to achieve whether its a business card or flyer or something else and we can design it for you. Each supplier works with us to ensure excellent print quality that won’t cost you the earth.

Pop over to our Print and Design page to find out more.

Can we meet to discuss my website?

Yes of course!  Getting to know our clients is very important to us.  Your personality plays a huge part of your business branding, style of your website and marketing material.  Taking time out to sit and discuss the vision for your brand and digital shop window will be the starting point.  If we can’t meet up for a cuppa, we will certainly be meeting over a video link.  

Just drop us an email or give us a call to set up a convenient time to meet.

Where is my website hosted?

We have made a conscious decision to host all websites on servers based in the UK.  We currently host with Amazon Web Services and Shopify who were chosen for their speed, reliability and cost.  From experience their service and support is excellent, they also provide a huge amount of backend services which we are able to use to ensure your websites are safe and sound.  We want to give your business website the best platform we can find.

Is hosting including in the website cost?

When you receive a Quote from Woof Designs you will see there is a line detailing the cost per calendar year for the hosting cost.  This cost will be included in the website design for that year.  You will receive an invoice from us at the beginning of each year for the full 12 months.  Trust me, you won’t have to take out a loan, the hosting is very reasonable.  If you did want to break the cost into a few instalments, that good with us.

If you are unsure how to proceed here, just give us a call for a friendly no obligation chat.

Is Photography included with my website?

As we design your website we will need high quality professional images.  As luck would have it, I am also a Professional Photographer who knows how to get the best images for your website.  I can also take care of the sizing of the images and you might even get some to keep for your social media!  Whether it’s a flat lay of products or some lovely pictures of yourself for your About Me page, we can sort it out between us.

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