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by | Jan 24, 2023

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What is a domain email address?

Simply put domain email addresses are customised email addresses that use the name of the business.  The email address is verified against a purchased domain.  To give you an example ours is

Why is it important?

From a business perspective it gives a professional appearance to your customers.  For instance, I see vans out and about with the name of their business using their great brand colours and logo which looks great.  However, the email address uses a provider such as Gmail or Yahoo and looks like this or  It’s a very easy service to set up and gives a professional look to your customers.

More importantly, your customers know they can trust the email as it has been verfied and if set up correctly, won’t land in a spam folder!

Who provides a domain?

When you start a business you will purchase a domain lease from a company such as LCN or 123-REG, there are plenty more.  These are services that allow you to purchase the registration of a domain name, for instance our domain is  You or your business will essentially lease that domain name for however long you pay for it, charges get cheaper the longer you choose to keep the lease.  You can log in to the registration supplier and renew the lease, change your details and control what your domain is attached to.

Who provides the email service?

Now you have purchased your domain name you can often set up an email service with your domain registration supplier or your web hosting.  Lots of businesses, including ourselves, use Office 365 or the Google Business suite.  Its a service you’ll pay for but depending on the level of service or plan you want, it’s not normally very expensive but well worth it.  They usually offer other services as part of their plans such as video calling and digital file storage.


When a domain email address is set up, there are several security options you can configure.  By using a domain email address your business will build trust and credability.  Your emails are more secure and less likely to land in a junk or spam folder when you contact people for the first time.


You may want multiple email addresses for different purposes within business.  To give you an example, for admin purposes you may want an address or an email address to expose on your website such as or  Some providers charge per user on an email account but it’s not usually much, some providers give you up to 5 addresses as part of your subscription.

When you set up different users for the domain emails your business has control over those accounts.  You will have the option to put control processes in place and be able to set up and remove accounts when you need to.

To Conclude

Having a customised domain email address or addresses for your business builds credability and trust with your customers and gives a professional look.  Your emails will no longer land in spam folders and your customers will instantly know where the email has come from.

Any questions on this just let me know by dropping me an email to  This is an email address you can trust!

Take care and have a fab day.

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