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Is your business digital ready?

by | 2 Nov 2020

So many small businesses will tell you how difficult it has been during 2020 to grow and evolve; is it because they are not digital ready to serve their customers?  By this I mean the way we used to do business before the pandemic is not necessarily how we should be trading now, right?  Do we need to find new ways to attract clients, be digital ready to play in the new business world during and post pandemic?

The old fashioned way doesn’t work any more

It totally intrigues me that there are businesses that are not digital ready and do not have a website to shout about their services or products.  With my first statement in mind, surely a web presence would help to get the attention of your audience right?

I did a little digging to find some stats to peak your interest, I was pretty amazed at what I found especially this fact:

35% of small business owners feel that their business is too small for a website.

This makes me ask the question, why do they feel their business is too small?  The only reason I can think of is that small businesses who have been trading for many, many years, have benefitted from word of mouth or recommendation which let’s face it, is the best kind of advertising.  But, with the sheer amount of technology available to us and the fact that we all use the internet when researching or wanting to buy anything, these businesses are now struggling and are equally not found on the internet.  During this new age of business we find ourselves in, we have to start to work smarter to find our clients.  With this in mind my next group of statistics taken from July this year by Smart Insights are quite eye opening:

Percentage of internet users aged 16 to 64 who report performing each activity in the past month:

81% searched online for a product service to buy (any device)

90% visited an online retail site or store (any device)

67% used a shopping app on a mobile phone or on a tablet

74% purchased a product online (any device)

52% purchased a product online via a mobile phone

The new way!

I can only imagine how it must feel to realise that your approach to making your business visible has to change in order to be found and noticed but also wondering how do you drag your business into the new digital age?  Since March 2020 when the whole country went into COVID-19 lockdown we started to see a massive swathe of change.  Business owners started to see that if they didn’t move with the times they would be left behind and sadly go out of business.  For example, we saw a local garden centre create themselves a simple website to sell their plants and organise deliveries.  Especially clever as everyone was at home and working in their gardens, they needed plants and compost but knew the physical shop would be closed so hit the internet.  Word grew fast through social media and they thrived.

Whilst I’m a strong believer that recommendation and word of mouth is still an incredibly powerful way of getting business the stats speak for themselves, without a digital presence your business is nowhere to be found.  Interlacing the old with the new methods of finding customers and new business is, in my humble opinion, a strong way to move forward. In other words at a very minimum get your business a website and link it to Google.  If you have no idea what I’ve just said then find a good reputable website designer that can help you, I can think of one ?

Creating an eye catching website for your business will serve you endless opportunities to get found and too grow.  You have a ‘website address’ to be put on business cards, flyers, free business index listings and of course the big one, Google My Business for posting new information, adverts and pictures and Google Search Console to show you how you are being found. I may have just spoken in another language to you but trust me, your web designer should know all this and can put it all in to action.  It takes a little time to get it all set up but not masses of hours!  Google is absolutely FREE unless you are advertising but, essentially adding a Google tag ID to your website header will put your business on the internet and Google’s Map!

My website never gets found!

This is sadly quite a common complaint from several of the businesses that we’ve worked with.  I see it quite a lot where a client has a beautiful website for their business but unfortunately it hasn’t been linked to Google or anything else for that matter.  Email links don’t work nor do telephone numbers, it is just a site isolated from the world of internet searching.  Essentially useless, but it can be fixed if you have access to it.  Optimising your Website is a service we offer which has been incredibly popular.


In conclusion to all this, I’ll leave you with this stat:

It’s estimated that by the year 2040, 95% of purchases will be through eCommerce. (Nasdaq)


Thank you for reading

The Woof Team