Common Website Myths

by | Apr 12, 2024

Let’s think about it

Everyone has their own thoughts about what a website does for their business.  Just for one example, in years gone by websites used to be cluttered, have lots of ad’s, full of links and information, this is not the case any more. I also hear often that now a website has been created they can sit back and forget about it.

I wanted to delve into a few of these thoughts with you and give you my perspective.  You might not agree with me but everyone has their own opinion and I respect that.

Crowded, cluttered websites

So if you’ve read other pages on this website, you see me talking about sleek designs with lots of white space.  The reason I go for designs such as these is because websites that are absolutely packed with information and no breathing room, are distracting.  I tend to navigate away from pages that cause me to dig for information or have multiple popups!

If a website is tightly packed, little white space and room to breathe your reader will likely feel pressured and feel crowded by information being thrown at them.  Think of it like this, you walk into a shop and immediately a sales assistant comes up to you to start pushing the latest and greatest product.  What do you do, tell them you’re browsing, or walk out?  I usually go for the browsing option and if continually pushed, I walk out!  This is the same for websites.

Don’t lose customers by giving too much information.  You want to give a clear, concise message, a clear brand message and leave your customers feeling positive about your business.

Don’t sit back and wait!

Having a website for your business is a no brainer.  Giving a consistent, rounded view of your brand, clear information on your services or product, easy ways to contact you is key.  Don’t stop there!

Now that your website is live, you have to continually shout about it.  Talk about your business using social media, spread your brand far by sharing what you’re doing.  Encourage customers to leave you reviews using something like Google Reviews or Trust Pilot then share these reviews so other can see your hard work.

Your website will struggle to be organically successful if you don’t put in the leg work!  It’s obviously great you have a website; it’s a great marketing tool so use it, share it, talk about it as much as you can.

What is a website to you?

If you don’t have a website and get work through word of mouth and recommendations, that’s great whilst it lasts.  Of course I encourage the use of social media to spread your brand organically like I’ve said above but what if recommendations start to dry up, what then?

Don’t think for a minute that having a website is a drain on your time, it’s not.  It should work hard for you and your business if done right.  Whilst you’re out there working hard, your website is available to see by everyone.  It’s a platform where your work can be seen, your clients can contact you through and it’s consistent.

In Conclusion

Your website should be:

  • Clear, uncluttered, slick and fast, have lots of white space and give your customers breathing space.
  • Marketed and talked about.  Shout about your brand, be proud of your website and let everyone know.
  • Don’t rely on word of mouth. Give your business a rounded, professional look by having a website that will consistently be out there working hard for you.

If you’d like to talk through your thoughts just get in touch.

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