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by | Nov 28, 2022 | email, Links, New Website

How many times have you visited a website and tried to click on a phone number or an email address and nothing happens?  These are classed as clickable links.

It’s frustrating isn’t it!  It happens to me all the time and as a web designer I know how simple it is to fix this on most, if not all websites.  If you have your website supported for you and you don’t have administration access to it or know how to fix this, speak to your web designer, they should know how to do this.

Today most of us have mobile phones that allow us to simply touch a link on a website and it opens another app.  For example, you are looking for a business that you would like to engage with.  You see their telephone number or email address and touch the text on the screen and nothing happens.  What you have to do is copy and paste the text, or worse write it down to use in another application.  That’s so fiddly on a smaller screen and you shouldn’t need to do it.

The website designer or owner needs to simply visit the admin page where the text appears and edit the text to make it a link.  Here are some examples:

To make the text ‘Woof Designs’ a link like this Woof Designs your administrator would do the following:







If I wanted to add an email address and use the words Contact Me as the link, it would look like this on the screen:

Just send me an email to get in touch







Finally, to make sure your clients can click a telephone number it looks like this:

Call me on 07762951865 to have a chat about your design







You see how easy and effective it is to have important information such as your contact details displayed as a link.  With these links added in the content of your website, your clients and potential clients will be able to contact you easily without having to copy and paste information!

If you need some help and advice with your website, just get in touch, you know how!


**  All the examples above were provided using WordPress