Is Your Business Omnichannel Ready?

Is Your Business Omnichannel Ready?

What is Omnichannel? For those of you who are sitting there asking this question, the answer is simple, it’s being everywhere your client is and providing a consistent brand experience.  In other words, your client needs to be able to find and engage with you not just...

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A bit about us!

On a daily basis our team consists of Sally (Chief Designer and Professional Photographer cool), Mark (aka Mr Code surprised!) and Ted the mutt, the inspiration for the name of our business; he came up with it all on his own!

Between us we have several years (more than I care to remember!) of technical experience working for large corporates not only teaching us best practices but top notch customer service to give you and your business the experience you deserve.

Together we create beautiful, eye catching websites, branding and marketing materials for small businesses and professionals alike.

We are based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire but thanks to technology, we can cover much further afield.

We look forward to meeting you.

The crew at Woof Designs!