We are Team Woof!

Hello and Welcome to the Woof Designs Team Page!

Woof Designs is, as you’ve probably guessed by now, run and owned by me, Sally!  My furry team mates keep me company here in the office all day.

Woof was created back in early 2019 after helping a friend with her website.  Creating a new website made me realise how much I enjoyed it, using my technical skills from corporate years gone by too.

It gives me great pleasure to help other small businesses achieve a strong brand and a clean welcoming website for their clients to see.  Providing as much digital assistance in the setup of a clients business makes me happy.  I know how difficult it is learning all the technical, digital social stuff out there; my thought is if I know the answer I’d love to help.

Woof Designs is all of the above. It’s about creating fresh, clean, usable websites with strong branding whilst also providing as much business advice as possible along the way.

We are not a big design agency, we are here to provide a personal service.  We have time for you no matter what.  If you decide you’d like us to work with you on your website and branding project, you’ve got me until it’s done and out there live.  We’ll have a laugh along the way but always know, I’ve got your back!  The support doesn’t stop when your site is live either, we continue to provide you with the help you need.

On a Zoom call you’ll probably hear the boys known as Ted and Reggie adding their bit in the background, that’s the working at home thing!  They love to be involved.

I’m an easy going, flexbile website designer working from my home in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.  I love life, love socialising and can be pursuaded to meet for a coffee and cake any time.  You might even find me at Lake 32 taking a dip, it’s my way of relaxing and getting out, out!!

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